We will express our  deepest condolences  to the deceased loved ones and their families for the loss by Kumamoto earthquakes.
We pray for a sooner recuperation of the people who suffered and recovery of the damaged land in a profound way.

◆New stage
The musical "TAGURU" and a concert "Memorial our songs".
 5/22/2016 at Tokyo 

We wish you joyful days in 2016.


In preparation

A practice piece『KEKE!』

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■Our project ~Take action/Donate to needs education.

Our project is...
We called "take action" to donate for children who live in countries facing difficulties and poverty to support their education in our theater.
And we collected the money.
For the next step, we handed them to Ms. Niikura. She works as an educational volunteer in Laos. She engages to build up a new primary school and bring some texts and dictionaries continuously. 



" T he bird inform a rainbow will appear

The story which is painful as a person and as a mother!
We wonder if we have the place to stay in safety.
A mother who entrusts a person with a child will be alive?
A girl who does not know mother's love, does she be able to become aware of her mother's sense?
A sound of the water, clothes, and singing in kindly voice will touch to your raw body and soul...

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YOROBOSHI 〜Hands-care, and Herbs〜

If we take care to our hands with some herbs... they would awake our presence of mind.

An actor performs through all scenes with his own eyes covered.

A young man, YOROBOSHI, is a blind.
But he can feel everything by his hands.
He can find out the power of life inside some herbs and weeds.   
One day ... he meets his father who has abandoned him.
His father notices that YOROBOSHI is his son, and YOROBOSHI also does.
But they do not call out themselves at all... YOROBOSHI notices that... "I have closed my eyes by myself not to touch my deep feelings!"